Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Bathroom Mold

Who hasn't experienced bathroom mold. Even the cleanest of bathrooms can suffer from the problem of mold. In Northern Virginia, the summers are hot and humid,... READ MORE

Carpet Pad Mold

In many instances, mold is smelled before it is seen. A perfect unseen example, is carpet padding mold. Homeowners often think it is simply the humidity or per... READ MORE

Recreation Room Mold

Recreation rooms are typically where families gather to relax and read, watch TV, play games, or do homework. Keeping them free of mold is of utmost importance... READ MORE

Mold Around Bay Window

Finding moisture around exterior windows is common after heavy rains- especially with older windows that have incursions in the caulk or flashing. This window h... READ MORE

Moldy Closet Needs Attention

This basement closet in a Fairfax home was stacked with contents and the homeowner did not notice that there was a moisture problem from a slow leak until they ... READ MORE

Affected insulation in crawlspace

Crawlspaces can be affected by moisture and lack of airflow. Microbial growth sets in and can become a health hazard as well as create musty smells. This crawls... READ MORE